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About us

Passionate about nature since childhood, brothers Daniel and Gabriel Mello started in the "bird world" in mid-2007, making amateur filming of species they found in their grandparents' condominium, in Guapimirim-RJ. These records were published on a personal website called "Avifauna Guapi" (2008). A short time later, the hobby became an activity taken very seriously. With the acquisition of professional equipment for observation, photography and recording of birds, the Mello's Brothers became known in the ornithological environment as they increasingly published their audiovisual records on specialized platforms. They quickly became sought after by people interested in getting to know the birds of the Serra dos Órgãos region, thus developing the ability to guide nature observers and photographers for this purpose. During this period, they also dedicated special attention to the digital treatment of the photos they produced and soon began to give workshops, courses, lectures and classes to photographers from all over Brazil. The expansion of the work beyond the territory of Rio de Janeiro made the Mello's Brothers begin to explore other regions of the country, thus building a large collection of nature photographs and sound recordings in various Brazilian biomes. In mid-2010, they started the production of their first editorial work. In partnership with the ornithologist Francisco Mallet-Rodrigues, the field guide "Birds of the Serra dos Órgãos and Surrouding Area" was published in July 2015 and became a landmark in the history of books on Brazilian birds, for presenting, for the first time, entirely photographic plates (instead of illustrations). After the very positive repercussion of the work in Brazil and abroad, the brothers decided to go a little further. Following the same line as the previous publication, the production of "Aves do Sudeste do Brasil: guia de identificação" began, with the co-authorship of Mallet-Rodrigues and Luciano Lima. The book was released in July 2020 and has received much praise, being considered one of the best fieldguides to Brazilian birds ever published.

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